Burning Question – Who is the Network?


Who is the network“. This question is lately appearing again and again in the media. How are disciples of Satguru Rampal Ji getting the messages about future hearings of their revered Guruji?

First of all, this question can only be a brainchild of some dumb-ass. It is difficult to buy the argument that the police can ask such a dumb question. The police is corrupt but they are not dimwits. After all, the IPS officers have Read More

For the Media “it is Business” (Satlok Ashram Incident – Nov 2014)

For the Media “it is Business”

The media trades on fear and ignorance. They can twist the facts and present them as they want. They can turn fiction to facts and vice versa. This is one player who generally has a vested interest in the news they deliver. For them it is business. They are there to make a financial gain. They don’t care if someone lives or dies. All they want is “news” and a kind of news that sells. They are more interested in viewers, Read More

False claim by media about Physical Exploitation

Media Showing their True Colour

The media has finally come to their cheap and abysmal standard of reporting.  The saying that “People seek their own faults in others” stands true for anyone be it media personnel or a common man imposing baseless allegations on others. The media personnel are looking for their own weaknesses in Sant Rampal Ji. They are just exhibiting their sick and cheap mentality through their news articles and presentations. They themselves have these Read More

Lies by Media – Part 2 (Satlok Ashram – Nov 2014)

Bullshitting Journalists & their Ludicrous Revelations

False Claim (1) God for Cash Scheme – “Every follower was required to bring in at least three members or a family”

The Reality – All the followers have an innate desire to spread the knowledge given by Satguru Rampal Ji. However there was no stipulation to bring a minimum number of members to the ashram to take naam. Satguru Rampal Ji has always reiterated that this is a path of free will and only those who grasp the knowledge should come and take naam and no one should be forced to take naam.

False Claim (2) Rs.1,000 for the initiation process called Naamdaan, Rs. 9000 for Satnaam, 10,000 or 100,000 for Sarnaam

The RealityNaam daan is totally free. Read More

Satlok Ashram – Nov 2014 – Lies by Media & Police

False Allegations on Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj by the Media & Police

1) Sant Rampal Ji missed 43 court appearances in 4 years

Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj has been implicated in various false cases after the Karontha Ashram episode in 2006. He was granted bail in 2008 and then had been attending court hearings regularly. He was then granted “Permanent Exemption from Appearance” by the court after an application was filed in the court. Hence He was not required to appear in person in the court. Reference –  Read More