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Double Standards – Discriminatory Police Action – Nil Vs 930

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Satlok Ashram Karontha Incident (May 2013) versus Satlok Ashram Barwala Incident (Nov 2014)

Highly Discriminatory action of the police and administration in two similar scenarios

Both cases had similar scenarios. Both the cases involved contempt charges. In the first case the orders of Supreme Court were not being complied with, and in the second case the orders of High Court were not being complied with. 

Both Cases involved similar police activity but the outcomes and conclusions were gravely different.

In the May 2013 Satlok Ashram Karontha incident the Arya Samaji followers and villagers attacked police with sticks, brickbats, rakes and even fired at them using illegal arms. They burnt police vehicles, public vehicles, buses an ambulance and a liquor vend. In all, 3 people died and more than 100 people were injured including more than 60 police personnel.

Still the police failed to lodge even a single complaint and the arya samaji leaders and perpetrators roamed free. No cases were registered and no arrests were made. WHY?
Whereas in Satlok Ashram Barwala incident of November 2014, the police registered all possible cases they could against Sant Rampal Ji and arrested more than 930 followers. WHY?

Please read case details below.



May 2013 - Satlok Ashram Karontha

(Arya Samajis fight with Police over Satlok Ashram issue)

Nov 2014 - Satlok Ashram Barwala

(Police attacks Ashram followers)
1Supreme Court gives possession of Satlok Ashram Karontha back to the Ashram Trust after cancelling the special leave petition by Arya Samaj & Haryana Administration.High Court files a 'Contempt of Court' against Sant Rampal Ji & issues a show cause notice for Sant Rampal Ji to appear in court.
2Arya Samaji leaders along with local villagers attack the ashram in defiance of the Supreme Court orders and threaten to intensify the stir. Police intervenes and the arya samajis are placated.Sant Rampal Ji unable to attend court hearing on health grounds submits a medical certificate.
3Arya Samaji leaders and Haryana Administration move High Court to file an application to take control of the ashram again.Court rejects medical certificate and asks Sant Rampal Ji's counsel to present him in court for next hearing.
4High Court rejects appeal and directs the DGP Haryana and Home Secretary Haryana to furnish court orders and provide security to the ashram.Sant Rampal Ji again submits a medical certificate and does not appear in the court. The court issues NBW against Sant Rampal Ji and directs DGP Haryana and Home Secretary Haryana to produce Sant Rampal Ji in court for next hearing.
5Arya Samaji leaders, followers and villagers call for a do or die battle on 12th of May 2013. Followers of Sant Rampal Ji staged a peaceful protest outside their own ashram to stop police from arresting the Saint.
6Police force is deployed in large number around Satlok Ashram to control the situation and to stop the attack by Arya Samajis on Satlok Ashram.Police force is deployed in large numbers to handle the situation.
7Arya Samaji followers and villagers attack the police, torch police and private vehicles including buses and ambulance, set liquor shop on fire.Police try to negotiate to find a middle way but stalemate continues.
8Police retaliates, resorts to cane charging and opens fire on protesting arya samaj followers and villagers.Police attacks followers, cane charges females and children and fires tear gas shells. They also bulldoze ashram walls to gain entry.
9The fighting continues. The arya samajis and villagers attack with sticks, brickbats, rakes, spears, do stone pelting and fire at police.In retaliation the followers indulge in stone pelting to keep the police away from ashram.
10Three protesters are killed (including one woman) and more than 100 are injured including more than 60 police personnel.Four women are killed. One child and another woman die in hospital due to ongoing health issues. More than 100 are injured including both followers and police but mainly followers.
11Police still unable to control the protesting arya samajis and villagers. Stalemate continues for 3 days.Followers gradually leave the ashram.
12Bowing to the protester's demand, police finally asks the ashram inmates to vacate the ashram.Sant Rampal Ji surrenders a day later and is arrested.
13Ashram is vacated and the ashram is handed over to the police.Police asks remaining followers to vacate the ashram and the ashram is handed over to the police.
14Saga ends.
No arrests are made.
Saga Starts.
Police arrests around 930 followers of Sant Rampal Ji.
No cases are registered against the Arya Samaji leaders and miscreants.
Police slaps charges of sedition, waging war against the state, nation, murder, attempt to murder, unlawful assembly and many more against Sant Rampal Ji and His followers.

Arya Samaji goons and villagers attacking the ashram

At all times there was no confrontation between the arya samaji goons and the ashram followers. The arya samaji anti-social elements were being stopped by the police a few hundred metres away from the ashram. The only tussle happened between the police and arya samaji miscreants.

 Appeal for action (May 2013) but no action taken

In May 2013 Satlok Ashram Karontha incident, repeated appeals were made to the administraton and the police to take action against those who attacked the ashram. Memorandum was submitted to the SDM for Prime Minister of India to take action against the arya samaji attackers but the police registered FIR against the unknown. The followers also met Superintendent of Police, Vivek Sharma but again no action was taken. Finally the followers staged a demonstration at Jantar Mantar in Delhi and submitted a memorandum to Sonia Gandhi (Congress President). Again nothing happened.

The unanswered questions which demand answers

Why no FIR was registered against the Arya Samaji leaders and the attackers in May 2013 Satlok Ashram Incident?
Why no charges of sedition, waging war against the state, unlawful assembly, murder, attempt to murder were registered against the Arya Samaji leaders and its followers who attacked the police and the ashram?

In both cases the actions of the police and the administration have been highly discriminatory, partial, unfair and unjust.