Protests and Rallies

Jantar Mantar

After the Barwala incident, the disciples of Saint Rampal Ji staged a peaceful protest on the Jantar Mantar road on 14th September 2015 demanding justice for Him. The disciples used to march on the road holding placards demanding the CBI investigation of all of the cases framed against Him, and the audio/video recording of the court proceedings in these cases. The protest continued for 789 days till the protests were banned on the road by NGT. Several memorandums were given to Prime Minister, President, and many Human Rights Councils. The disciples held several candle march during the Jantar Mantar protest. The disciples also used to observe “Black Day” on every 18th November to protest against the unjustified arrest of Saint Rampal Ji, the brutal attack by the Police, the shameful orders of the corrupt judges, and the wicked actions taken by the administration and the govt during the Barwala Kand 2014. However, after NGT put the ban on the protests on the road in Oct 2017, memorandums in the name of President are handed over to the district authorities.

SC/ST protest

In August 2018, the parliament of India passed the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Amendment Bill, 2018, to bypass the ruling of the Supreme Court of India laying down procedures for arrests under the Act.

The judgment had diluted the SC/ST Act to state that the immediate arrest of an accused under this law would no longer be mandatory. The arrest was to follow a preliminary enquiry by the probing agency or the police. The Dalits were not contented with the Judgement as it was a biased decision on their part. Saint Rampal Ji along with His followers supported the Dalit community and stood by them whenever and wherever they required. They gave memorandums to district authorities in many districts of India in support of Dalit community against the amendments made in the SC/ST Act. After this, the Supreme Court had to take back the amendment and restored the Act.

Jaat Arakshan

Jaat is the main community in Haryana, which was protesting against the Government for the reservation in Government jobs. But Haryana government was doing partiality and was neglecting their protest. To maintain the unity among the 36 communities of Haryana, Saint Rampal Ji and His followers gave support to them on 17 February 2017. After that, wherever Jaat protested, Saint Rampal Ji’s devotees went along with Jaats in huge number. The protest was held mainly in Jasia, Haryana.

Rajput support against Film Padmavati

Saint Rampal Ji supported Rajputs against Film Padmavati directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Rajputs claimed that the film tried to defame the Rajputana community. On the other hand, the devotees of the Saint, inspired by His knowledge, are already against obscenity shown in the movies, so they supported Rajputs against the film.

Nepal- against animal killing

Mankind is ought to follow Vegetarianism as mentioned in the Holy Scriptures of every Religion. A huge rally was organized in Nepal to aware people against the killing of animals for the taste of tongue. Saint Rampal Ji has shown from the Holy Books that no God demands meat; the killing of innocent animals is a heinous sin.
37 other organizations also cooperated in this rally. Even the local public gave massive support.

Anti-narcotics rally

Directly or indirectly intoxicants and alcohol is the biggest cause of misery and distress in society. The intoxicants have resulted in road accidents, domestic violence, and dreadful diseases like Cancer, Bronchitis, etc. The consumption of intoxicants also hinders the way to attain Salvation. That is why the followers of Saint Rampal Ji demand the complete ban on tobacco and alcohol. Till yet, several Anti-Narcotics rallies have been conducted in locations like Mathura, Maghar, and Rajasthan.